Request update status of planned Basket requests

Hello Tesco, Firstly thanks for the great and innovative API! I have some code to create a Raspberry Pi barcode scanner so people will be able to build a device to add products from tesco just by scanning items as they get used. Currently I am taking advantage of your IFTTT applet to add to basket but this is less than ideal for several reasons. Firstly if the product it identifies by reading the barcode EAN is "Currently Unavailable" there is no feedback and no product is added. Extra steps for users to configure this is unnessecery IMHO. Could you please provide any insights into if and when you will add basket management to to the API. With basket management features I will be well on my way to a marketable solution, with devices like this one peoples kitchen counter tops it would surley help toward capturing more of the online sales market share for Tesco. AFAIK no other super market (UK) chain is offering this service but even with the great innovation provided here it feels a killer technology has stagnated over the last years with little to no updates. Please provide us "makers and Hackers" with the right tools and we will help Tesco bring new opensource code and applications to market to help you in return! Kind regards Carl (Lincolnshire)


    Posted by Hidden Mon, 16 Sep 2019 12:44:20 GMT
    That's great feedback for the team. I will make sure to pass it on. Unfortunately, due to shifting priorities, I can't say that we have any immediate plans to provide these API features. However, the more comments like this that we hear, the more likely our priorities are to shift. Thanks again for your comments.
    Posted by Hidden Fri, 20 Sep 2019 11:35:25 GMT

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