Feature Request

The current data returning from the APIs is fantastic, however I would be very interested in obtaining the floor mapping data of a store. For example: passing a store number parameter to the product data API along with a European Article Number and returning the product's location in that specific store. A simple isle, side, mod and shelve output would suffice. But also the ability to search by a product group would be very beneficial. This data is already available for colleagues via the Inform application but is there a specific reason why this data has not as of yet been made available publicly? Access to this data would aid in the development and prototyping of a mobile application to assist people living with dementia who struggle with product location and store location.


    I would really like to make this data available, but because of commercial sensitivity we can't make it available to the general public. Agreed that it would be very useful the cases you've brought up though, and I think we can try to make it available in the existing Tesco customer applications.
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 24 Oct 2019 08:50:59 GMT

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