Items found in Product Data but not in Grocery Search

I am trying to use the barcode value to search for items and their prices. But when I try certain items, such as "4009900362849" for "Extra Peppermint Gum 10 Pieces", it comes up in the Search. It is very likely I may be going about this in the wrong way. The process I am carrying out is: 1) Get barcode value and use it to search for an item using Product Data API 2) I am using the description returned from this API as the query within the Grocery Search API It appears as though this data is not being shown within the Grocery API which I found to be odd as it is in the Product API. The only information I need is Name / Description (which is fine) and the price which is what i'm having an issue with. If I am missing something hugely obvious please excuse me. Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks

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